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Posted on November 22, 2012

Universal and mobile-friendly layout adapted to The idea behind One Page Tutorials originally came from our "Super Short Tutorials" website (, whose motto is "Info-packed shortness" - cover narrow topics as succinctly as possible, without compromising depth of information, by leveraging the "layered" approach: show as few details as need to get the task done, but offer as much side information as relevantly feasible. New Layout Screenshot And now, SsTut benefits by integrating lots of features from our universal layout: aside from loading faster and looking even better on mobile devices (especially tablets), it integrates more social features like the ability to comment, convenient list of most recent and trending tutorials on the homepage, with new iconography that departs from the more austere original layout. And to close the loops, some features part of the new SsTut will find their way into our universal layout!

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