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Posted on October 6, 2012

One-Page Tutorials goes live! After spending many years creating "traditional", multi-page reference websites, the technology is now there to create a much more compelling experience, optimized for both desktop computers and the ever-growing world of mobile, internet-connected devices like smartphones and tablets: one-page tutorials.

Screenshot: example of a One-Page tutorial Presenting a single subject on a single page means that a single bookmark has all your solutions just a click away; for those who learn as needed, each tutorial includes a structure that allows you to quickly locate the section that addresses your current problem; this single page format is even better for those who like to read cover-to-cover - within an hour, they'll know most everything there is to know about the topic! No interminable Google searches and irrelevant results, just one page with all the information. Thus, our motto for the One Page Tutorials franchise: "One page, one topic, all the answers."

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