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Posted on October 17, 2012

Notepad Although we don't realize it, Notepad is the most widely used text editor in the world: it comes free with all versions of Windows, and Microsoft still owns a share of about 90% of the desktop computer market. Its simplicity makes Notepad very versatile: use it for temporary notes, to clear formatting when pasting from one source (like a web page) to another (like a Word document), or use it as an all-purpose editor: like many people, we created our first websites using Notepad (it's challenging, but a good way to learn!)

That's what prompted us to make our Notepad tutorial the first in the One Page Tutorials franchise: see our Notepad Tutorial now live, and discover all the little gems hidden in that simple application. The entire tutorial is richly illustrated, and here's an example:
A screenshot from our richly illustrated Notepad tutorial

Note: we have since launched a brand new, "universal layout" that makes it easy to learn about Notepad on any internet-connected device you own. Loading it on your tablet to follow while you "do" on your computer is a great way to learn.

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