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Why re-invent the wheel? Multi-page websites and sophisticated inter-linking schemes work just fine. Right? Well, not always: this is even less correct now that the quality of search results has gone down since early 2010. Like us, you probably find yourself looking for answers, jumping from one site to the next, from one page to another on the same domain, or trying one search engine after the other in the hope of finding something _ anything _ that answers your actual question! The more specific your query, the more you know what we're talking about :-)
One page, one topic, all the answers.

Having all your answers in a single page means that you no longer have to bookmark ten different sites for future reference: don't find the answer you're looking for in one of our one-page tutorials? Just let us know! We're trying to make each of these the ultimate online reference for the topic it covers.

We have big plans for this approach, including extending it to multi-page websites where each page covers an entire topic (something traditional reference sites and blogs would spread across multiple posts or individual pages).

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